Supermarine Spitfire Mk22

Supermarine Spitfire Mk22

In 1939 the Supermarine Design Team started work on a ‘Spitfire’ variant which was to use the Rolls Royce type 37 engine, later known as the ‘Griffon’. Although delayed by the early war years, eventually two prototypes flew in 1942 as a MK XX and MK XXI.

Development of the MK VIII airframes produced a variety of ‘Griffon’ powered Spitfires, and over 2000 ‘Griffon’ powered aircraft were built op to 1948, these seeing service with sixty squadrons of the R.A.F. The MK’s 21 to 24 were almost a completely new aircraft and in fact another name was suggested but not used. A new wing was designed carrying 4 x 2Omm cannons without any alternative armament being possible and although over 3000 were ordered, final production was only a few hundred aircraft.

Finally the Mk. 22 and Mk. 24 which differed only no minor details, introduced the ‘Tear Drop’ canopy and a revised fin and rudder. The ‘Seafire’ Mk. 47 used by the Navy had a contra-rotating propeller and arrester gear for deck landing. The Mk. 24 was possibly the ultimate in propeller driven fighter design, the culmination of the development work that covered some hundreds of variants of the original machine. This airplane is considered to be one of the most elegant single seat aircraft ever built.

Model :

This is the Spitfire Mk22 plastic scale model of Airfix (1/48).

Spitfire Mk22 Spitfire Mk22 Spitfire Mk22 Spitfire Mk22 Spitfire Mk22 - box

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