Electronics : PIC microprocessors and Pic Basic

Pic Basic and the Proton PIC Basic compiler

I use Pic Basic, an 'easy to learn' language, to write programs for the PIC microprocessor. With Pic Basic you can create complex programs in an easy way. This is an example of a program in the Proton PIC Basic compiler :

Pic Basic

Information about Pic Basic

Pic Basic Compiler


This is 'Bumblebee', a windows based program that was written for the Wisp628 programmer. The program sends the by Pic Basic created 'HEX' file to the Wisp628 programmer.

Pic Basic

Information about Bumblebee


My PIC programmer is a Wisp628. With this cheap programmer it's possible to do ICP (In-Circuit Programming). The Wisp628 will finally burn the HEX file into the blank target PIC like the PIC 16f628a.

Pic Basic

Information about Wisp628

Some examples on this page

Pic Basic

Pic Basic

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