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Messerschmitt Me262

The Messerschmitt Me262 was the first operational jet fighter in the world. A legend has grown up around it's existence wich continues to inspire everyone with an interest in aviation.
Project work had begun at Messerschmitt as early as April 1939 on a new high-speed fighter plane with a turbine jet system. Targeted maximum speed was 900 km/h, wich was unimaginable at that time.
On 18th July 1942 the Me 262 took off on it's first flight with jet engines. On 26/07/44, a series production Me262 from the Test Command at Lechfeld near Ausburg scored the first aerial victory by a jet fighter in the history of aviation.
In it's day fighter role the Me262 was used for combating bomber formations operating over Germany.
The Me262 was fitted with two Junkers Jumo 004B type engines. The output of 930 kp static jet thrust sufficed to give the Me 262 a maximum speed of 870 km/h at an altitude of 6000 m. It's service ceiling was 11.400 m, and it's range was 1050 km.
Basic armament consisted of 4 x 30 mm calibre MK 108 cannons installed on the nose. In addition, 2 x 12 type R4M rockets could be carried under the wings.

Model :

This is the Messerschmitt Me262 plastic scale model of Revell (1/72) and represents a plane of III/JG 7 at Lechfeld in 1945.

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