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A Century of Flight :

Microsoft FS9On a cold December day in 1903, after weeks of testing on the windy dunes at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, the Wright Flyer sputtered to life. At 10:35 A.M., the Flyer, propellers whirring, began to slide down its narrow track. Then it lifted from the track and rose above the sands of Kitty Hawk. The fl ight lasted only 12 seconds and covered a mere 120 feet. But there was no doubt—on that windy December 17, the Wright brothers had realized a human dream. They had flown!

Just 30 years later, the Douglas DC–3 was making regular airline service comfortable and profitable. Three and a half decades after that, on February 9, 1969, the first Boeing 747 thundered into the skies over Everett, Washington.

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