F-16 A/B "Nato Falcon" BAF

F-16 A/B "Nato Falcon" :

At the present time the fighter/bomber F-16 is the world's most widely used aircraft of it's category. During it's twenty years of service many modifications were carried out to improve the plane's features and to extend the capabilities of the aircraft. Continuous progress with electronic equipment, with laser guided bombs and radar guided missiles AIM-120 made this airplane standard issue of the European Nato allies like Norway, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium and Portugal.

Wing span Length Max. weight Max. speed Range Armament
10 m 15,03 m 11372 Kg 2124 Km/h 547 km
  • 1 x 20 mm canon
  • 2 AIM-9 Sidewinder
  • AIM-120 rockets
  • Laser guided GBU-10/12 bombs

F-16 A/B Belgian Air Force (BAF) :

The Belgian Air Force was one of the first four international customers for the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Belgium ordered a total of 160 F-16s in two batches. Heavy attrition and restructuring of the armed forces reduced the operational inventory to 72 aircraft. The remaining aircraft have been stored or sold. Although the entiry inventory consists of F-16A and F-16B models, all 72 remaining operational aircraft have been upgraded to MLU (Mid Life Update)standard. The fleet will be further reduced to 60 aircraft by 2015. No decision has been taken on possible replacements, if any.

Model :

These are Italeri F-16 A/B 'Nato Falcons' (1/72) representing planes of the of the 2nd Wing, 2nd 'Comet' Squadron. This squadron was stationed at Florennes and was disbanded in 2001.

F-16 A/B 'Viper' F-16 A/B 'Viper' F-16 A/B 'Viper' F-16 A/B 'Viper' F-16 A/B 'Viper' F-16 A/B 'Viper'

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