Douglas C-47 SKYTRAIN Berlin airlift

C-47 Skytrain :

The C-47 Skytrain is without doubt one of the legendary aircraft. The DC-3 was developed in 1935 from the DC-1 and DC-2, the most modern passenger aircraft of their time, as a kind of flying sleeper - as indicated by the additional designation DST (Douglas Sleeper Transport). The military interest gave rise to the C-47, a kind of DC-3 freight plane. This plane played an extremely important role as a transport, not only during World War II, but also in the Korean War. The C-47 era finally came to an end in Vietnam. Almost all the air forces in the western world had one or more C47's in their fleets at some time or other and over 1,000 are still flying worldwide today.

When in June 1948 the land routes to Berlin were blocked by the USSR, it was the C-47 which on 2lst June 1948 brought the first supplies into the blockaded former German capital. The Royal Air Force C-47 Dakotas operated a regular service between Wunstorf near Hannover and Berlin Gatow. They flew up to 60 tons of food and other essential supplies into Berlin each day. On 26th June 1948 the American Air Force also began to fly supplies from Wiesbaden to Berlin-Tempelhof with 32 Skytrains. The blockade ended on l2th May 1949, however the last supply flight went in on 2Oth September 1949. It was only in the early part of the blockade that the C47 played a major role. Already in October 1948 the American Air Force was replacing all its C-47s by the larger four-engined C-54 Skymaster. Only the R.A.F. continued to use the C-47 Dakota alongside it's Hastings and York.

Model :

This airplane is a Revell C-47 Skytrain plastic scale model (1/48). The build plane is a Douglas C-47A-DK of the 525th Fighter squadron from Neubiberg (22 oktober 1948)

Douglas C-47 SKYTRAIN Berlin airlift Douglas C-47 SKYTRAIN Berlin airlift Douglas C-47 SKYTRAIN Berlin airlift Douglas C-47 SKYTRAIN Berlin airlift Douglas C-47 SKYTRAIN Berlin airlift

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