Boeing B737-400 Virgin Express

The Boeing 737 family :

The Boeing 737 was designed as a 100 seat short haul airliner. The 737 had a major advantage over it's competitors because it was designed with many of the same features and facilities as the 707 and 727. It was easy to fit into the airline fleets wich already operated the bigger types. The first flight of the 737-100 type was made on 09/04/1967. Only 30 planes of this 100 version were build.

A stretched 119 seat 737-200, with as many as 130 seats soon replaced the 737-100. The popularity of the 737 led to a wide range of variants when it's 16,000 lb thrust engines were replaced with the more powerfull CFM56 turbofans. This led to the expansion of the line to include the 737-300, wich is 9 feet longer and carries up to 149 seats, followed by the even longer 737-400. This version has seats for 168 passengers and is 129 feet long. The first 737-400 flew on 29/04/1988. In 1990 the small 737-500 was born.

Virgin Express :

Virgin Express began its life on 23 April 1996, when the Virgin Group (with chairman Richard Branson) bought the Belgian leisure airline EBA (EuroBelgian Airlines) and rebranded it into Virgin Express. The airline concentrated on low-budget scheduled flights out of its Brussels hub. On 31 March 2006, SN Brussels Airlines and Virgin Express announced their fusion into a single company. The name of this future airline (2007) is Brussels Airlines.

Model :

This B737-400 'Virgin Express' plastic scale model airplane is a Minicraft (1/144) model with DACO decals.

B737-400 Virgin Express B737-400 Virgin Express B737-400 Virgin Express B737-400 Virgin Express B737-400 Virgin Express - box B737-400 Virgin Express - decal

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