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I want to use this circuit to convert the analog outputs of my home installation to digital outputs. Since I don't need this project immediately it's still in the development stage.

Schematic :

The analog output controller has the following specifications :


This is only a small part of the actual convertor schematic. You need everything, execpt for the power supply, four times. The supply of this contactor module is done by a 7812 voltage regulator. Thr 0-10V output of the controller is connected to R3 and the anode of D3. I used an optocoupler CNY74 to ensure a galvanic isolation between the controller and this circuit. The input current is limited to 1mA. The output is connected to a darlington transistor Q3. This transistor can directly swith the 12V DC contactor. This contactor can now switch the 230V AC load. The LED shows the contactor status and has a built-in resistor. Since this circuit is still in the development stage, there is no PCB built yet. Revisit this page please ...

Schematic and PCB :

To view this schematic you need the Eagle program. You can download a limited version : Eagle Soft USA

Project : AD interface

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