Airbus A330-300 SN Brussels Airlines 'OO-SFM'

The Airbus A330/A340 family :

The A330/A340 Family concept is unique: one basic airframe is available in six different configurations, powered by two or four engines.

The twin jet A330 combines the lowest operating costs of any aircraft ever build with maximum flexibility for use on a broad spectrum of routes. The A330-300 provides place for 335 passengers in a 2 class configuration. In the A330, the efficient power plant technology and the latest construction methods are combined to reduce costs by means of a low fuel consumption and a computerized maintenance. The two powerfull General Electric CFG-80E1 engines are each rated at 67000 lbs, the cruising speed is 870 km/h, the service ceiling is 12500 m and the range approximately 10400 km. Economy has been written large onto this Airbus, giving the A330 almost a 100% greater cargo capacity than the L-1011 Tristar and about 30% lower fuel consumption per passenger seat. Due to it's low noise emissions the A330 is also known as the "Whispering Giant".

The four-engine A340 plane provides versatility on the most demanding long-range and ultra-long-range flights.

  Wing span Length Height Fuselage diameter Range Seats
A330-200 60,30 m 58,80 m 17,40 m 5,64 m 12500 km 253
A330-300 60,30 m 63,60 m 16,85 m 5,64 m 10500 km 295
A340-200 60,30 m 59,39 m 16,85 m 5,64 m 14800km 240
A340-300 60,30 m 63,60 m 16,70 m 5,64 m 13700 km 295
A340-500 63,45 m 67,90 m 17,10 m 5,64 m 16700 km 313
A340-600 63,45 m 75,30 m 17,30 m 5,64 m 14600 km 380

SN Brussels Airlines :

SN Brussels Airlines (SNBA) was founded in 2002 after the bankruptcy of Sabena, Belgium's flag carrier airline. SNBA was a full-service airline, connecting Brussels with the rest of Europe. It also flew to Africa, continuing Sabena's extensive network there. The airline merged with Virgin Express into Brussels Airlines which started operations on 25 March 2007.

Scale Model :

This A330-300 'SN Brussels Airlines' plastic scale model is a product of Revell (1/144). The decals are made by Daco.

A330-300 SN Brussels Airlines A330-300 SN Brussels Airlines A330-300 SN Brussels Airlines A330-300 SN Brussels Airlines A330-300 SN Brussels Airlines A330-300 SN Brussels Airlines Airbus A330 A330 decal

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