Airbus A320-200 Thomas Cook 'OO-TCC' - Dream

The Airbus A320 family :

The Airbus A320 is the most technologically advanced short/medium haul aircraft in the world. There are more than 3,200 of this aircraft sold worldwide. The Family comprises four aircraft that share the same cockpit, fly with the same operating procedures, and have the same systems. The A320 was also the first plane with Fly-by-wire technology.

  Wing span Length Height Fuselage diameter Range Seats
A318 34.09 m 31,44 m 12,56 m 3,96 m 6000 km 107
A319 34,09 m 33,84 m 11,76 m 3,96 m 6800 km 124
A320 34,09 m 37,57 m 11,76 m 3,96 m 5700km 150
A321 34,09 m 44,51 m 11,76 m 3,96 m 5600 km 185

Thomas Cook Belgium :

Thomas Cook is the second largest charter company in Europe and offers flights to many holiday destinations with a young fleet. Thomas Cook Airlines Belgium was formed on the 13th march 2002 with IATA code FQ ‘Fly Quality’. The Thomas Cook Airlines fleet then consisted of 5 Airbuses A320. They were all planes of the British Thomas Cook daughter company JMC Airlines. It is a full service company ( all meals, drinks and taxes are included) that operates holiday charter flights from Belgium to the Mediterranean resort areas.

Scale Model :

This A320-200 'Thomas Cook' scale model is a product of Revell (1/144). The Daco decals are included.

A320-200 Thomas Cook A320-200 Thomas Cook A320-200 Thomas Cook A320-200 Thomas Cook A320-200 Thomas Cook A320-200 Thomas Cook - box A320-200 Thomas Cook - Daco decals

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